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Reiki Treatments

Individual Reiki Sessions

Sessions are available to experience the Reiki energy. In a complete Reiki treatment the major energy centres of the body are balanced to positively enhance your energy, to restore health and bring pure enjoyment of receiving. The recipient remains fully clothed at all times.      
Reiki is an extremely effective technique for total relaxation and stress relief. The gentle touch of Reiki benefits those experiencing anxiety, hyperactivity, asthma and A.D.D conditions as well as energising chronic fatigue sufferers. Reiki accelerates the body's ability to regenerate and can assist in the treatment of cuts, burns and broken bones. Reiki enhances mental clarity, self-esteem, inner peace and conscious awareness and brings greater positive balance and harmony to all aspects of your life.  Most people experience and great sense of relaxation and particular areas of the body gently clearing. I have cleared chronic asthma for myself and infinitely increased my health and calm! Reiki training is available to be able to treat self and others.

$60 = 1 hour $80 = 1.5 hours of blissful relaxation!


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