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Reiki Degree Level 2

Reiki 2 is an intensive two day workshop with great information and tools for those who would like to use Reiki as a practitioner or just for themselves. At this level, the Reiki energy is increased by 2-5 times, making treatments even more effective. At level 2, another attunement is given and you receive 3 of the original Reiki symbols. Each symbol is focussed upon with it’s meaning and uses.  You learn to give and receive an hours worth of Reiki in just 15 minutes and other effective techniques to amplify the Reiki energy. You learn to send Reiki over distances to people, places and events, to protect against harmful energies, and a powerful technique to assist on a subconscious level.  You also learn to clear negativity from the past that had prevented you from moving forward in life.  There are also powerful techniques learnt to direct the Reiki energy to attain specific purposes in life.  Level 2 assists in removing and clearing negative patterns and limiting belief systems to create a positive future. There are clearing techniques for clearing homes, rooms and belongings. A tool is learnt for finding lost objects (very useful!!)and for expanding the positive benefits of food and medication to assist with it connecting to the true nature of yourself. Three new treatments are learnt, one working on deeply clearing the emotional and mental levels, another chakra balance, and a spine treatment.

Upon completion of Reiki 2, you are given a course booklet and a certificate.  Although Reiki 2 is primarily a personal development course, certification at this level is widely recognized as being of health care industry standard and allows you to practice professionally, if you choose to do so.

Information is available on all levels of Reiki, by contacting Fiona Dowe – Reiki teacher.


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