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Reiki Courses - The Original 7 level system

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Each of the 7 levels of Reiki correspond to one of the 7 main chakras or energy points on the body.  It is an ascension process through the chakras, highlighting each energy centre and balancing in the heart - raising the vibration of the individual at each level. This is done via Attunement's at each level (a specific formula of symbols over the head and hands). The higher the vibration rate of the body the faster the body regenerates and recovers from illness.

Information and Reiki training is available on all 7-practitioner levels. 
Each level corresponds to a main energy centre in the body

Reiki 1 - highlights the base and crown, moving forward in life from just existing to living true purposes
Reiki 2 - highlights the sacral centre,cleaing past limitations and programs
Reiki 3 - highlights the solar plexus, emotions are cleared from the solar plexus before opening the heart.
Reiki 4 - highlights the heart, open up the heart before speaking from the heart (throat - Reiki 5)
Reiki 5 -highlights the throat, self-esteem, self worth, the ability to live one's truth.
Reiki 6 - highlights the third eye, awareness and intuition expansion.
Reiki 7 - highlights the crown, infinite expansion of the crown with wisdom.

So then, all of the practitioner levels create a strong, balanced, clear energy. For example, level 5 is fun to watch a shift in people as it opens the throat...some quiet people walk in, do Reiki 5, then walk out booming their truth and vocalising themselves clearly! Each level opens and balances at each level. Each level is complete within itself and works through all energy centres.

At this point I would just like to say, that it is unnecessary for everyone to do every level. Just Reiki 1 is huge and beneficial to give Reiki to self and others. Reiki 1 is a strong energy, bringing balance and freedom through the hands. Anything beyond Reiki 1 is a choice of how each person feels.

At each level there is a change in energy to the amount of Reiki that comes through the practitioner.  Each level increases the vibration of the individual and ability to access greater amounts of this pure life force energy. It is a complete system through each energy centre with all levels balancing into the heart while maintaining a strong grounding energy.  Reiki is a complete, precise system for self-transformation and expansion of consciousness.

The benefits of Reiki are infinite and everyone can benefit from learning Reiki for themselves.  The advantage of learning for yourself is to be able to permanently boost your life force energy that you walk with day to day and have an even greater supply to access for bringing greater health to yourself and others – true self empowerment. 


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