The Reiki I teach is the Original Seven level system of Reiki. I originally learnt the 3 level system and then re-learnt - only to discover there was a huge difference in the purity of the energy and the exactness of information (a lot had been passed down like Chinese whispers!!). So this is why I decided to teach, as I felt such a massive difference in the effectiveness of the energy with the Seven level Reiki 1!  I had paid to do a Reiki 1 course originally, that was missing information which was impossible to fully know until experiencing the pure Reiki. I just say this to allow you to question what you read and what you find on the Internet or talking to people. There are so many different courses, at different lengths and varied costs. 

My experience was similar to having bought an apple at a fruit shop that looked great on the outside only to discover it was rotten on the inside. Then changing grocers, to the lovely organic groceries and buying a beautiful apple that looks great, tastes great and is nutritious! 

I felt tired when I gave Reiki treatments with the 3-level system.  I was unsure that this was normal, as I had never done Reiki before!!!   The tiredness and other unusual experiences was due to the alignment being impure with incorrect symbols used.  The teacher I originally learnt with was so lovely, with a beautiful heart and I am so grateful for the experience to be able to compare and know the truth of Reiki, yet the true symbols and information were unavailable.  To explain the importance in maintaining correct symbols rather than passing them down like Chinese whispers, the symbols are used like a formula in an attunement to align one to this extra life force energy.  A pure alignment to Reiki is activated through a series of symbols placed over the head and the hands. The pure alignment formula, (like H20 = water) had been changed fractionally in what I originally learnt with the 3 level system, creating a different result (as in the slight but different formula of H202 = Hydrogen Peroxide).   I have found the energy of the Seven level system to be vastly different in its effectiveness.  Pure Reiki is able to clear a past mis-alignment.  Some have experienced learning the 3 level system and receiving nothing at all! You may call me and I can explain more of my experience, Reiki and its benefits anytime!

A year after re-learning Reiki 1, I met a woman in Sydney who has a gift with energy work to see where the Reiki alignments are connecting to within the body. She can see anyone who has learnt the 7 level system has a pure, strong alignment (perfect symbols used).  She was able to confirm to me what I had felt, that the energy in the past, had linked more to me than as an extra source and why I was feeling tired. This is strange, but what I felt when I re-learnt Reiki was so great, and the reason I chose to teach Reiki so that pure information is maintained. 
To contact Roz Lawler -, for a great energetic clearing session - or for those who would like to check their alignment and have the advantage of a brilliant life changing clearing session as well.  This is great if you have or haven’t learnt Reiki, but also gives an option to re-learning pure Reiki, which will clear a past mis-alignment



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