Reiki accelerates the body's ability to regenerate.  This is because at each of the 7 levels of Reiki, the individual’s vibration is raised.  The higher the vibration rate of the body, the faster the body recovers from illness and prevents disease from occurring in the first place, by clearing the body on all levels.

The benefits of Reiki are infinite and everyone can benefit form learning Reiki for themselves or receiving a treatment. The advantage of learning for yourself is to be able to permanently boost your life force energy that you walk with day to day and have an even greater supply to access for bringing greater health to yourself – true self empowerment. 

This extra life force energy, that is independent from our own, is accessed by touch.  When the hands are placed upon the body of yourself or another, it activates the flow for pure Universal energy to enter the body.  This energy then goes to where it is most required, be it on the physical level or others, such as the emotional and mental levels.  This is because the energy clears the cause of a symptom first, which then filters down to the effect.

For example, in the past I had chronic asthma.  The Reiki energy cleared the cause of that symptom, being on the emotional levels to do with stress and unhappiness, which then resulted in the effect no longer existing!  In truth, the Reiki allowed for clearing of blockages, allowing me to make better decisions about my life and therefore result in me being happy and healthy.

Reiki works to clear the cause and effects of stress, illness, imbalances and injury. This treats and prevents the physical symptoms of dis-ease and boosts the immune system.  Extra
Universal life force balances ones energy to maintain positive health and restore vitality. Reiki is a technique to energise and rejuvenate your entire system.

Reiki enhances mental clarity, self-esteem, inner peace and conscious awareness, bringing greater positive balance and harmony to all aspects of your life.  Reiki is a complete, precise system for self-transformation and expansion of consciousness.



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